Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Race for Courtney

Saturday, October 26th

Registration 8:00   /  Race Starts at 9:00
Pre-Register at:
$20 per person or $50 for a family of 4

Skills Fitness
1525 North Main Bountiful

                 5K - Silent Auction - Vendors & Booths - Kids Face Painting - Carnival - Food

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire Movie Premier
Jordan Commons Theater (9400 S State St, Sandy)
November 20 @ 6:15 (2 days before it's released)
Tickets are $20 each (all proceeds will go to Courtney's family)

Contact Jen Prisco at: utahherofoundation@gmail.com to reserve your tickets!

Courtney was recently diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer of the connective tissue)
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While sitting on her daddy's lap he felt a large lump in Courtney's abdomen.  After several scans and a biopsy, her family was told the horrific news - cancer.  It's every parents nightmare to hear their child has cancer.  This three-year-old angel was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer of the connective tissue).  Only 300 people in the United States are diagnosed annually with this form of cancer.

Courtney is one tough cookie and we have no doubt she will fight this with everything she has.  That is where we need your help to help her.  The costs of chemotherapy, radiation, doctor visits and overnight stays in the hospital add up more quickly than you can imagine and insurance only covers so much.

"We moved to Farmington three years ago after hearing it was a good place to live with great people," says Courtney's mom.  "It's not until something like this happens we realize what an amazing community we live in.  Our family feels like we have an army backing us up here.  We are amazed at what good hearted people we live within our community.  The people of Farmington truly care about their neighbors."

Please come and support Courtney and her family on October 26th in the Race for Courtney as we fight this together.

Go #teamcourtney!!